like Venus fly traps (because women are from Venus)

the girls open their flowers

in gold and pink arrays

under the forgetful sun

giving off their delicious fragrances

like the bitter-sweet honey

of the pitcher plant

as they run

on competitive footsteps

hoping to win

a man

They ensnare him

with their sweet nectar

like sweat


from their tanned legs


in front of me

in blue spandex shorts

for what seems like


they’re pretending, not to notice me


and hoping

I take notice

and I do (a forbidden phrase)

but I know what those legs will say

30 years from today

“My house isn’t big enough

Your toenails are torn and yellow

Let’s buy a bigger house

and go to the nail salon.”

Unlike many men

I think too much

with my big head

and the thoughts are dark

and without cheer

so different

from the bright, sunshiny day

greeting me


while I enjoy

light gusts of wind

blowing across the stormy blue lake

taking it all in


this life will leave me (just like a woman)

whether I’m right


I’ve made a BIG mistake.


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