If you murder your time

with cards and conversation

when the crushing waves are coming

and you get rolled over

by circumstance

If your transparent sensitive nature

goes white with fear or red with anger

If you blend into hallways

and people hardly know your name

If you take the form of dangerous people


who always stay the same

Maybe, just maybe

you’re an octopus

You can escape from tight places

and people always underestimate you

Your soft and sensitive flesh is weak and vulnerable

but you can lift 40Xs your body weight

and when crabs

and poisonous eels get close

you crush them with your eight arms

and inject your paralyzing poison

When the action is over

you hide in your hole

and wait

You can out-wait them all

Your 9 brains give you plenty to think about

and your 3 hearts give you plenty to love

a female may come by

or maybe not

but just listening to the sound of the ocean

is pretty good

and anything that chases you

gets some ink in the face

from this pen

that writes these words.


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