the world forgets

I was forgotten

before I was remembered

standing in line

at the grocery store

when he recognized me

“Hey!” He appeared happy to see me

“Hi yourself!” I couldn’t remember his name

“Are you still running?” He asked.

“Every day; all you need is a routine,” I said.

“I need to start running.”

“Well, wake up early and run with me.”

“Don’t I have your number?”


“Here’s my number.” He gave it to me.

His face turned red. I guess it was a male courtship,

and I thought, I played hard to get, pretty well.

Later that day, I texted him.


was the response

“Is this so and so…?” I asked.

I remembered his name.


And this will be one of those awkward moments at work

when I don’t know if I took his number down wrong

or he gave me a fake one

or he pretended to be a wrong number

Life makes me laugh

it’s never what I think it’s going to be

I could label these situations

good or bad

but I prefer

to write them

as poetry.


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