We are all waiting for the word, suppressed, like alphabet soup, building into an eruption; it takes an overheard conversation, a letter, a sound, to speak a different language. I was dangerous—not dangerous in my power, but most dangerous in my weakness. -Intellectual Shaman

I entered her house. Everything was boxed up, except for one item on the stairs. It was wooden and very heavy. I didn’t dare exit the front door. Instead, I took the side window and never looked back. I don’t know if it was my mind, but the object I was carrying became even heavier, so heavy, it fell to the ground.

The sphere could not be lifted, so I opened it.

“Dirt?” And then I touched it… My world turned upside down. I was sucked off the earth. The dust had its own planetary mass, and luckily, I held my breath. I passed Jupiter, and then our solar system.

I was lost in a flash of light, pulled out of the universe by magic.


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