My blood was circulating like cement; it was about to harden. I staggered toward the ship. I was bigger than the alien, so I had my doubts… I squeezed into her cockpit and a glass shield closed. There were no controls, no dials, and the saucer turned on. It was like being carried by an unknowable force. There was no energy or pulse, it just floated, like it was being pulled by something. The teachers below me, were closing in on the colony, and then my ship veered off, into an orange blanket of atmosphere. The sky went dark. I must’ve passed out. And when I woke up, I was lying on a bed, hooked up to IVs. Three alien women were studying my anatomy and prodding it like scientists. It moved, and they all gasped.


I sensed their pheromones; they sensed mine. It was the basic instinct, but before anything could happen, another joined us, carrying a tray. It looked like a beer. It smelled like a beer, and it tasted better than any beer I had ever had. I was more intelligent than any of them, and perhaps that’s why they wanted me. I was an alien on their planet, but I felt like I belonged for the first time.

The End

3 thoughts on “Into the Alien Sunset

  1. Pretty interesting post. Were you traveling, or were they kidnapping you? I came in the middle, I think. I am troubled by their lack of intelligence because if that was there ship, it sounds much more intelligent than anything we have produced here.

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    1. Yes Marsha, that was the tale end of the story. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I would liken my logic to the people who use smart phones. We know some of them are not intelligent, even if they think they are because of their phone. I would reckon, in an advanced society, there may be some who don’t understand their technology, in the same way I don’t know how a smart phone works, but I use it to communicate. I know this explanation is a bit much, but thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog. Happy New Year!!! -Andy

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