Magic is the most difficult power to hold onto

I sense it like a ball of light in my brain

a stimulus of gold that wants to be released

I didn’t always have this power

and when I do have it

I feel really good.

The only power that matters in this life

is the power inside

It can be transmuted into joy, confidence, or creativity

and it wants to be expressed.

Right now, the tingling sensation in my body

isn’t going anywhere.

The way to harness this power

is to get 10 hours of sleep,

eat lots of dark chocolate

and talk to expansive people.

In the throes of magic, which we all wake up from

we are perfectly content.

There are ways to get closer to this state of being,

but like all esoteric practices,

it cannot be achieved with a prescribed formula.

I can give you the guidelines

I recognize it in others

it’s like sprinkled fairy dust.

I knew a kid who had it

“What’s the most exciting experience you’ve ever had?” I asked.

He had long hair and was an underachiever, a loner who didn’t seem to need anybody.

“The most exciting experience I ever had was when I got 10 hours of sleep,” he said.

“Just lying-in bed with that feeling.”

A magician can summon this power at will,

or create the conditions for it

when you have magic, other people will notice, and they will all want your power

If you don’t have it, they will leave you alone.

Women are the most susceptible to it

A magician holds it,

and this ball of light is the secret to his contentment.


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