Emotions are a weight

we can’t drop

becoming heavier and heavier.

We don’t need to forgive

who really does that?

we just need to drop it.

It’s strange that we become what we hate

our attitudes, our behaviors, our ways of thinking

mirror what we despise.

Fighting for peace

is funny

a person is trying to become better than another

to have power,

but their actions

sap their strength.

When we argue

our identities are attacked

it’s what we hold onto

our religion

our politics

our expertise

our weight

like the heaviness of gold

we think it has value

but being lighter than air

is freedom.

A “spiritual person” becomes angry

when their identity is challenged

their spirituality is their ego

their knowledge is their sense of self.

We have buttons

because we hold onto things

terrified of who we are

without them.

If we sense emotion

we feel the energetic tension

It’s a wave

that might click off

like a lightbulb

if we flipped the switch

and dropped the weight.

So, find out who you are in the dark

and know that one who has value

recognizes it in others.


2 thoughts on “Emotional Aphorisms

  1. I don’t comment often, but this is such profound insight into human nature. It is such a universal struggle for us to figure out who we are, and not just what we are based on the ideals or viewpoints we grab onto. Some cling to who they used to be, or to traditions or rituals, even when they no longer serve them, because they are frightened of losing that part of their identity.

    We are what we feel, and what we think, and how we act, and how we respond, and what we believe. We are both steady and shifting throughout our lives. We are both inherently good and bad, and capable of acting on either. And our value is priceless. Our individual worth is so vast. You are so right – one must understand and accept his or her own precious worth in order to see and accept it in another. ❤️

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