The Blue was mixing with the water like oil, like some disgusting castrating substance. And in that moment, Gregson was acutely aware of his manhood, and the chemicals that would cut him off from his ability to solve crime. He was out of the water faster than if a barracuda had been eying his balls.

“You’re under arrest,” Gregson said.

The feminists dropped the barrel of Blue and it rolled into the stream. Masculinity was poisoned forever. Gregson pulled handcuffs out of his pocket. He hadn’t used them professionally in some time.

“Show me your hands,” he said, and the feminists shouted something about patriarchy. It was satisfying to hear the metallic click. Before Gregson and Tony could react, a man with a neck beard pointed a pink pistol at them.

It was horrible to be stopped by something beneath him.

“This isn’t a tranquilizer.”

“I believe you,” Gregson said. And another feminist joined the beta male.

“I’ll take that, Alex.”

Gregson recognized her voice, but it couldn’t be. Then she ripped off her fat suit.


“Okay, all of you get in line. You’re going to march.”

“But we aren’t protesting today,” one of the feminists screamed.

“You’re marching to the police station.”

“But how did you…?” Gregson asked

“I’ll explain later,” Sarah said.

“After the booking, he looked at his ex-partner. She was wearing an extra-large pink tee-shirt and half-a-pound of make-up.

“What happened to you?” He asked.

“I infiltrated that red pilled cult and discovered there was something wrong with our culture. Now the whole city has been poisoned with Deep Blue. Take these red pills; it’s the only way to keep your masculinity.

Gregson swallowed them, like they were hot tamales, and instantly felt more like a man.

“And the suit we found in the river?” He asked.

“He was one of those who discovered the truth, but couldn’t handle it. You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

“Wow, that was deep,” Gregson said.

“Deep Red,” Tony echoed. “I misjudged you. I guess that makes you a great Undercover.”

Sarah smiled. Having the respect of real men meant something to her. Respect is all that matters in this life. Respect for yourself and respect for those who deserve respect. Honor is a forgotten word, and when men remember it and live by it, they become men again.



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