Running out of runway

running a long time

never stopping

never considering,

the end.


my glory wings are spread

my turbines

injected with fuel

they’re going to shut this airport down

grounding me,

if I don’t hit Go!

I call on inspiration

the gods that defy the earth

radioing my control tower

wanting to control me

“I’m taking off!”

ignoring flight patterns

choking my joystick

with joy

taxiing onto the runway

out of my secure hanger

propeller firing

on this Kamikaze mission

I’m catching ground

my whole body shakes

an electrical prod of power

connecting to my chassis


with new habits

wheels stop turning

I’m floating, lighter than air

above the clouds

I can’t see the ground



someone will look up

at that shiny object in the sky

and they’ll take off

or they won’t

because it takes a runner

to know they’re running out of runway

it takes a believer

to know about faith

soaring on wings that have never been used

a bird

born on the ground

without the courage to fly

Jump out of the nest

and break your neck


the fall is worth it

you will be flying

your flag of freedom

that should never


touch the ground.


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