I spot the crosses on the side of the road

they’re everywhere

so many have died.

I drive up the two lanes of traffic

while the traffic

spews their anger.

I have left work

for the in-between world

of reality.

My fantasy apartment awaits

I get there, and the backed up electric bill

shocks me

Thai food always makes me feel better

So, I fill out the bills and visit the restaurant that’s never open

they do a great business

everyone wants their food, but they have odd hours

and you always feel lucky, when their door opens

the girl takes my order, in classy black

she dresses like a lady of the 20th century

like a preserved wine

or maybe it’s the dark lighting in the restaurant

a Shangri-la

a woman, the light of reality cannot fade

“How spicy?”


“15 Minutes.”

“Thank You.”

I walk to the mailbox and a horn honks

I drop my letters in the damp parking lot

and upon picking them up, I look up

where a great rainbow flows into the sky

symbolic of the magic still within reality

I get my food and eat in bed

listening to the traffic outside

pleasure and pain are so close to me

In the morning, I wake up

full of stomach aches…

I take in poison to make myself immune

nothing can kill me

I release it

it brings me pleasure

I write these words

for magic, for the rainbow, for a way to beat death in life.

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