The red robes dispersed, walking in different directions throughout the woods. There was something about that bull that reminded Gregson of something or someone—it bothered him like the last cookie in the cookie jar. “We’ve got to follow that bull.”

“It said a lot of bullshit if you ask me,” Tony scoffed. “Nobody got sacrificed. Just a dramatic load of malarkey.”

“You sound disappointed, like they didn’t put on a good enough show for you,” the suit said.

“My feelings are none of your concern. You’re probably one of them, so I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you.”

Gregson watched the bull walking off through the woods. “It doesn’t walk like a man,” he said. “That’s what’s bothering me.”

“And how does a man walk?” The suit asked.

“Like this…” Gregson followed after the bull.

The suit and Tony followed him.

The forest looked like it was growing upside down. After a few minutes of walking, the bull twisted off its head, and long blonde hair fell behind her costume. She stepped into a clearing where a dirt road exited the woods in the moonlight. A black Mercedes was parked there, where she stripped off the animal hide revealing her milky white naked body. She threw the costume into the trunk and got into the driver-side door and sped off. Gregson realized his mouth was open. He wasn’t the only one.

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