the closer we get to the forbidden

the closer we understand

what we shouldn’t know

to be larger than life

before death

is the great adventure

to lose your life

to gain it

like free flying freedom

over mortared negativity

to be free from something

and not just free

a man of leisure

watching other men work


and then

Humbled again

life teaches us the fundamentals

I still like to piss on the No trespassing Sign, though

it’s a favorite pastime

or even better…


passages in library books

it’s me, I confess

I checked the date it was last checked out


I know, I shouldn’t

but I always look for the underlined words

the world needs more rule breakers,

rather than rule followers—those who aren’t afraid to step outside of the law

I practice from time to time

little things, really

but when it comes to the thing that really matters

I’ll be ready

and I won’t think twice

it might be called a sociopathic sensibility,

or antisocial intelligence

or possibly…

a guilty pleasure

that has me smiling

on a sunny day.


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