There is so much I cannot accept

and my nonacceptance

causes me to not want any of it

when my imagination mirrors my reality

I’ll accept that

until then

I’m living in my dreams

but a strange thing has been happening, recently

my dreams are coming true

and it’s beautiful

they aren’t the dreams of most people

so, I don’t expect most people to understand

but I wouldn’t trade this feeling for any other

it’s not about getting what I want

but it’s about being able to

and being able to

is what I want

it’s kind of like a competent incompetence

some invisible skill

that I can’t take credit for

but I do secretly

most would say I’m just lucky

or it’s magical thinking

but when magical thinking really works

it’s real

and I wouldn’t trade it for anything

not a big empty house

not a flashy new car

Who caused us to want these things?

I’ll just spend time alone with my thoughts

my most cherished possessions.


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