you aren’t perfect for the world

but you are perfect for you

people will tell you all sorts of things

people won’t be your friend

you start to discover you

when you begin to tell yourself things

you develop a lifetime relationship

when you accept and admire

the parts of you that don’t fit in

it becomes a magic for you

a magic other people can’t see

their criticism doesn’t get through

your happiness is real

you have foiled so many beliefs

you have given up on god

and found god in you

if nothing lasts

what do you do?

people want to be remembered

they want attention

and they want to take that attention away from you

let them

in the darkness, you find yourself

in the absence, you find substance

in the empty library, you find the truth

don’t listen to anyone

they don’t know why they do what they do

they will steer you without knowing why they steer you

they will try to find a way inside your head

and when they get there, they will become lost and crazy

pleading for a way out, but you won’t let them

it isn’t a door, they can freely walk into

it’s a maze inside your mind

regarding right behavior

don’t try

don’t read the gospel

but wait for the gospel to be read to you

you’ll know it when you hear it

because it will save you

you aren’t at work

and you aren’t at play

you are doing something nobody else can do

you are doing you.


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