Where did the starting line begin

and when is the finish line?

How much distance is there between failure and success

and why do I even run?

Do I ever stop running from things or toward things?

Do we drown when we stop?

Sometimes standing still is where it’s at

watching the elk on the trail

in the dark

or admiring the moon

If you keep running, there is always the possibility of something around the corner

Push yourself past limits

There have been times in my life when I said, “Don’t try too hard. Put your time in.”

But the best moments are when I go all out

this puts people on edge

because they can’t understand why

“You should go the speed limit.”

“But I’m a race car.”

“You never went this fast before.”

“There was traffic; now the road is clear.”

“What do you want to do, cause an accident or something?”

the trail is a test, a test of my strength

some may say that strength doesn’t matter

we’re just going to lose it

but feats of strength

are necessary

it’s not about being strong

but about feeling strong

and I keep running on the trail

to test my limits

so I don’t have any.


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