The answers to life’s biggest problems can be found where we don’t normally go. -Intellectual Shaman

It was a tired work day. Some employees were sleepwalking through their jobs and having nightmares. They didn’t know it, but they were troubled. Jon looked at them and they didn’t look at him. The answers were not reflected there. There is a hummm, a frequency, and everyone listens. He put in his earplugs and when that didn’t work, he visited the country golf course. It was raining. What possessed him to play in the rain? There was nobody out there, but him. It was like a different planet in a different time. There was no visible technology, just the storm. After 9, he was soaked. And when he went inside, it was the same thing—the pro didn’t look at him, the world didn’t see him. And when he walked into the restroom, the mirror didn’t reflect. He was invisible. At first, Jon was frightened. Being invisible meant that he didn’t exist, but the world seemed real enough, normal— the worst prospered.

As he adjusted his hair in the reflection he couldn’t see, he began thinking… I can still enjoy the game that loves me. He flushed and watched the water straining through the urinal cake. The room was green with golfers playing on the walls. They looked like gentlemen, not the half-desperate husbands who yearned for a different life. He put his hand on the brown door and looked over his shoulder at the black one. Was it a janitor’s closet? Jon walked across the restroom, half-expecting it to be locked, but the door handle turned.

Imagining to see mops and toilet plungers, Jon was shocked by the bright sunlight. It was like an enormous egg in the sky. Men were walking around quickly, tying their shoes, and adjusting their knickerbockers. Three of them tipped their caps to him. “Have you joined a group yet? We tee-off in five minutes.” Jon looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was no longer invisible. He belonged here. An old bag and clubs were stashed in the corner. He slung them over his shoulder and joined the group. There was a rainbow outside, even though it wasn’t raining. It was a reminder of where he had come from. The black door to the janitor’s closet was always waiting, where he could enter the world that didn’t see him.


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