Steam floats across the mirror

and a hand wipes it off

proud eyes look at an evil face

that contorts to be good

and then droops back again

it shudders and quivers

what is good?

it seems that good is normal

and normal is mad

it’s a dog park with fences

walked on a leash

and trained to sit or stay

fed kibble when it wants to hunt

you can tell a wolf

it’s not a friendly dog

it can go it alone

or work in a pack

it has no master

it will starve for months

it’s wild and hunted

dangerous to those who fear danger

it runs between suburban civilized society

“Hey young man, will you help me out?” A woman in a wheelchair asks

and the wolf stops

“You’re that young man who runs every day.”


“Why do you do it?”

He throws her trash in the dumpster. “I don’t know.”

and he doesn’t know why he said that

the mad dog becomes angry

no fat dog catcher will ever get the better of it

no civilized bitch

will ever seduce it

the mad dog is mad

because it is not good

good is normal

and normal is mad.


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