Sunrise Superman

consumed by shadows

I stare out, into the sun

where an old man is walking his dog

by the city sign

his bulldog lifts a leg and pisses

on the red and white community flowers

smiling at his master

while his master smiles back

I smile at both of them

and then my light turns green

and I drive to the park

where I park next to a Prius and a Subaru

and I start running down the trail

man and dog stick in my mind

like a Zen moment

the lake is liquid glass

like a magnifying glass, reflecting the sun

and a younger man and his dog walk past

he is depressed

and his dog is sad

then the day turns dark

and there are lights in perfect windows

like candles in their holders

burning through the trees

as I walk into the middle of the lake, on the dock

on top of the world, surrounded by those candles

under a crescent moon, staring at all the planets and stars

Jupiter looks like it might fall from the sky

but it’s not a worry,

and I walk back

through thick fog

smelling a big cigar

seeing an old man, puffing

he lights it again, with a match

and smiles

in the dark

it’s a Zen moment

Sundown Superman.


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