“If you follow a follower, does that make you a follower or something else?” Gregson asked.

“It makes you a fool,” Tony said.

“You know what, you’re getting smarter. Hang around me and you’ll be a genius before sunup.” 

All the figures wore red robes, crimson in the starlight, and in the open field, they began to walk in a circle.

“There have been mistakes!” It was not obvious where the voice was coming from, and then out of the earth emerged an enormous bull with black horns, and all the red robes bowed. Low humming blotted out the sound of crickets mating. “I demand sacrifices!”

“My Lord, who?”

“You! You were charmed by the woman. This organization needs to be kept secret from any business dealings, including pimping and racketeering. Our power comes from these silent circles.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“And they never are silent if you bring a woman into them. She worked for the Federal BI. That’s worse than a gossip.”

“This guy knows his stuff,” Gregson muttered.

“We stand on the outside of society, so that we may reform society. Your jobs and dealings are important, but our secrecy is essential. The water supply has been thoroughly saturated with Deep Blue. All the men of Chessfield are under the control of their women, and the city has told them they are the ones in control.”

“Finally, someone is saying what has been right in front of us all this time. Maybe I should join up,” Gregson said.

“You’re kidding, right?” The suit asked.

“In the next couple of days the entire city will be sterilized by Deep Blue. Take these Red Pills and the women of Chessfield will be submissive to you.”

“But I like being a bachelor!”

“Conrad, shut up! The purpose of our society is to remake society, not to give it over to morons who allow their women to make decisions for them.”

“But what about the larger world? Do you have enough Deep Red to saturate the oceans so that masculinity will rain?”

“Yes, but you must not falter in the tasks that have been given to you. Grow your beards. Retain your vital essence. And do not bend the knee!”

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