“No could mean yes,” Gregson said.


“I’m just joking.”

“If you won’t succumb to pleasure, perhaps pain…? And a little madness.”

“You have to catch us first,” Gregson said. He dove into the speedboat and turned the key in the ignition, while the rooster tail soaked everyone on shore.

Jet skis gave chase, while Gregson searched for anything explosive on the horizon. PROPANE. He pulled the flare gun out and lit the tanks. The observatory exploded and world celebrities filed out like hypnotized wanderers.

“Is that Hillary Clinton?” Domino asked.

“No, I think that’s a man with a bad haircut,” Gregson said.

“Look, the whole island is powered by solar from that magnifying glass.” Gregson hadn’t noticed the translucent glass that enlarged the sun.

“What if we switched the swivels?”

“And the looking-glass is reversed?”

“Right. The whole island would burn.” They rode out to the tower, with bullets popping off behind them. Gregson jumped out of the boat in full diving gear and went to the bottom of the reef where the handle of the glass was securely lodged. The controls were there, as he punched in the numbers to rotate the sun.

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