the warm masterful feeling of superiority

is a dream I never wake up from

ascending mountains

or sitting

in the throne room

with deep spiritual understanding

that cannot be discussed

for if I speak

I distort what I know

in the same way that a wise man knows

that he knows nothing.

What do I do with these thoughts and feelings

that are otherworldly

and exist, only in my own mind?

What is the purpose of wisdom

if it does not manifest

and what will we do with what we create?

it vanishes and reappears someplace else

in some other mind

pushing out, pushing up, on lots of limits

denying the idea in my head that comforts me

is too difficult

when the world tells me differently

or worse, when they say what I want to know

and how can I trust this

how can I trust the mirrors I look into

that show me what I want to see

breaking them is my only recourse

and accepting the bad luck

A wise man can say a wise word and not cut someone wide open

because the truth is the only comfort we need.

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