I’ve woken up

before the workday

with nothing to show for it

and there is nothing worse

than not having any love to give


people have more of it than they know

they say they don’t have it

so they don’t have to look at the other things

Years gone by

the answers are finally

bubbling up from within

how do I know?

it’s the same way I’ve deciphered what’s meaningful

and what isn’t

it’s a feeling of satisfaction

like I’ve been listening to music

of all kinds,

a blur of country, rock, and jazz

and then I hear classical

it’s the song I composed

when I was feeling a certain way

on a certain day

and I say to myself, “that was time well spent.”

satisfaction is a warm feeling

I can’t get from entertainment, recognition, or professional success

And when the hour draws near

there will be a great expanse of everything

and when finality stays

and there is no rest

I will hear my own music.


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