Go West Young Man

and read some books with the wrong ideas

then make up your own mind

and travel

into the fiery blackness of your own imagination

that doesn’t bend for anyone

Move with a sudden intensity

that shakes the very ground you stand on

Go West Young Man

and carve out a piece in the universe with the dust you were made from

like Prometheus, the father of worlds

eat the hate and enjoy the love

like an immortal being

delight in the darkness that makes it impossible to see the light



feels like they can’t go West

because this move

might not make sense

the sun sets

with its back against you

you can follow it

but it won’t follow you

You will be Alone

where the shadows vanish.

Go West Young Man

where there is no law

but your own

Where people who need to feel important never go

there is no applause

there is nothing there

only a place you can call your own

Go West into something

that is hardly ever known

it is not for well-ordered lives

but for those who wish to break plates

and laugh

I’m going West.


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