I have hope now

like Samson

given back his strength

the world is weak

and few men are really strong

and the things that used to trouble me

no longer do

when you have the truth

and that truth is but a small slender thread

you can sow and sew and so

it goes

and the world does not allow you to explain yourself

it will be mesmerized

and that’s what it wants

to be entranced in a dream it does not understand

I have the secret now

knowledge and power are special things

they aren’t facts or positions

in the world

they exist outside of it

If you exist outside of the world

you start to see yourself

as god

and this awareness is granted to few


will later say you were delusional

but the world is operating from illusions

it cannot understand

and their doubt

turns to disappointment

when the illusions fade.


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