is a funny feeling

it doesn’t seem like we should have it

and we suspect

to lose it


it shows up



for no apparent reason.

There is no better feeling

than being lucky

it is one of those rare commodities

that no one can find

until it is stumbled upon

like gold

few can hold

like the mother load

where currents run thick with streaks

that can’t be beat.

You can improve your odds

and fix the game

but when you are beaten

by someone with luck

you know you never had it.

Luck is a wonderful ally

when the world is trying to get at you

it is a force that cannot be controlled

like chance

where the odds don’t matter

Luck is making the right moves

when you were too ignorant

to know what to do

If you have reoccurring luck

there is nothing better

it won’t stick around forever

but if it keeps visiting

count yourself lucky

Luck in life

gives you opportunities

that you would never have taken

You get fired or your world collapses

and you ask Why?

Because Luck is working

it won’t tolerate things

you would tolerate

and I’ve been lucky

many times, in my life

Most of it has been the ideas

I’ve stumbled across

or the few friends I’ve had

when the opportunity presented itself

I’ve always grabbed it

because luck

moves in cycles

like waves

that push you to dry land

or pull you out to sea

Luck requires acceptance

it’s knowing when to exert force

and when to allow it

Luck is letting go

and watching how bad the situation can get

You are being moved by a force

you don’t fully understand


down the drain

to someplace else

where nothing is stable

no matter how stable

it seems.

Our luck is changing

as we change

and there are higher levels

of understanding.

I like to observe it

and wonder

where it will go

What will it do


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