We are minus a thousand things

when we are feeling low

and we are positive a thousand things

when we are feeling high

We are zero

When we feel… just so so

quantifying ourselves from day to day

is worse than watching the stock market

rise and fall

like bipolar emotions


rocketing towards the atmosphere



bonding with rocket fuel

and burning on impact.

a kind word


insidious sarcasm

shakes my stability

like a lucky 8 ball

will I win, will I win, will I win


We are stuck with maybe

far too often

and this roller coaster rush

isn’t real

positions of things and positions of people

make us look up

and make us look down

on ourselves

and others

What’s real?

I suspect we’ll figure that out

when we realize we’re alone

and our timeline of meaning

was filled with who we thought we were

we don’t know ourselves

pride is rarely the partner of self-awareness

and everyone reading books on the ego

wants to have a spiritual experience

it’s competitive

we have become weak

and we all serve a master

Most can’t see it.

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