When the world is crashing down

and it’s a sin to smile

and all the people are hysterical

with chemicals shooting through their brains

like love, like hate, like fear, like loneliness

and you have been wondering why you read philosophy

Suddenly, the dawn breaks…

You eat hope like dessert

with a big cherry on top

Your pleasure is circulating

it’s yours

and it won’t be donated to the blood bank

it’s life force

sending feel-good thoughts to your brain

power in the stream

your current keeps circulating

like electricity

How you think

changes things.

Lifting weights

in the dark

I transform…

those holding onto power

can’t get enough

they are powerless inside

the function of what we need

is a function of what we don’t have

if you possess power

magnetism manifests

attraction is not possession

doors will open

the world is outside

and it wants to come in

it wants to feel good

but when the world wants something

it doesn’t have it

getting it, is not the way to get it

Have you ever gotten something when you didn’t try?

this is the secret




or a smile

if you smile and mean it

you can be happy.


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