there is always one value

that overrides the rest

for seamen, it is the sea

for most, it is the endless pursuit of pleasure

Our lives take careful thought

because what we want

is usually not what we need

Cosmic Justice

What good is the truth, if one has it?

What does one do with the truth?

It is a Sausage McMuffin and a coffee.

When you don’t have it

you need it.

Relationships are the source of all suffering and delight

Is an empty life, a better life?

Death is waiting for us, but what is life doing?

Anyone can leave their home, but they’re always trying to get back

we need to belong

we need to know people who know us

if a man lives without a home, is he homeless?

No; he carries his home in his head

it is a place he visits

a refuge from crowds


and welcoming

to friends.

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