I have never seen belief.

I have never seen Moses part the Red Sea.

I have never seen Elijah call down fire from heaven.

The people who claim Belief, don’t show it…

I have never seen a man of faith move mountains.

The world is built slowly, by many men.

Belief is for charlatans and those who wish to be deceived

but writing-off belief is foolish, for without it, we are nothing,

nothing but shadows that disappear under the sun.

There is no hope because there is no belief.

Nobody believes in anything greater than themselves

and the preachers of belief, don’t believe

People are afraid; People are content; People live small lives

A hand out or a hand up doesn’t seem to matter anymore

Being young on a summer morning with 90 days of freedom will trigger belief

Being near the end will quicken the soul to see the end

The in-between moments are what people mean when they say, “Have a good life.”

Belief must be held onto with both hands

It needs investment, human capital, belief in our fellow man

that is what we must have, and perhaps that is enough

belief in ourselves, belief in those without belief, belief in God…

dying alone, doesn’t make sense

We are born to believe.


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