What will we do and where will we go

when we are left behind

on an ocean


or an island


from freeways and fines

We have made sense from nonsense

after taking time

Spending it alone

by holding onto it

We flip our filter

upside down

and seek our own pleasure

It is something that cannot be bought

filtering through our hour glass of mind

fish swim in the dark

beneath our mighty home

while we lounge on a deck

drinking beer in the starlight

the words flow

the sun smiles

the water sparkles

and everything that matters

is no more

We are weak

because we don’t need to be strong

the tides take us rhythmically

drifting us onto a beach until high water

We conquer

without victory

We don’t need to be right

We are tanned in the sun

and muscular in the moonlight

Oh, this hour glass of mind

is going to run out one day

but as our thoughts trickle down onto paper

We know our time was well-spent

filtering through our mind

pilling up

into mountains of meaning.

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