escaping the dark house

on a sunny day

is more freeing

than any obligation

that compels us to rise from our slumber

It’s not easy to get on with this life

when we are trapped by trivialities,

penciled-in appointments that don’t matter,

and routines with no exit

the dark house is safe, but after a while…

nothing happens there

We are never complete, and those who say we can be

are selling soap that will never make us clean

the problem is not surviving

but living

We don’t know how to live well

a day bursting with pleasure

is followed by monotonous clouds

underhanded competition

causes me to watch a movie in the dark

where an old man is sailing a sinking ship


in a peaceful sea


the dark house is visited

but we can’t stay there

it’s a retreat from the cares of the world

whatever we do

doesn’t matter


is comforting


is maddening

Our mood matters

and when we escape the dark house and stand on the outside,

the sky is blue

the wind speaks truth

answers to the most difficult questions are found in the most unlikely places

We rescue ourselves

from the dark house.

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