There was cash from several countries, jewelry swindled from old ladies, gold bars melted down from wedding rings, and deeds to properties and land. In the center of the room, a cobra mustang.

“Now tell me again, Anton, how did you get that car here?” Ron asked.

“It’s not a car, but an automobile, an artwork of craftsmanship.” Anton climbed into the race car and smelled the leather interior. “Oh, look, someone left cocaine on the seat.” He rolled a hundred-dollar bill with his spindly fingers and snorted the coke. “Now that’s heaven on earth.”

“I guess it’s all here,” Jim said. “Now tell me what you want to do. Our churches are crumbling.”

“Part our separate ways, I guess,” Ron said.

“But Jesus, don’t you guys want to preach the gospel?” Sonny asked.

“People are harder to deceive these days,” Anton said. “There’s the internet and the anti-God culture.”

“I guess you’re right, but the love for the Word ignites my bones like napalm!”

“Sonny, if you really want to preach the gospel, just go to the third world. You can live like a King and the people will treat you like a God. Now, we part our separate ways, like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, riding out to the four corners of the earth, to rise up congregants for Jesus Christ!” Ron preached.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself!” Sonny cheered.

“Now, return to your homes and put your affairs in order. We leave for a new life, tomorrow.”

To be continued…


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