“Confirm to me that you still have the combination,” Ron said.

Jim opened his silk shirt, exposing a gold medallion and a silver skeleton key.

“Do you honestly think I would give up my key to Hades, for the resurrection of Jesus Christ?” Sonny asked.

“I don’t understand you,” Anton said. “Do you believe in God or not?”

“Hell yes, I believe in God, just like Satan and his demons!”

“Always with the drama…”

“It stirs my followers from their slumber and gets the blood pumping!” Sonny shouted.

“What about you, Ron? Is our money safe?” Jim asked.

“Well, why not go to the safe and find out?”

The four pastors walked down the stone stairway into the dungeons. There was the vault, cut into the island rock, with four skeleton holes.

“I go first, remember?” Ron said.

“Then I go,” Jim interrupted.

“And praise Jesus, let’s open heaven on earth,” Sonny said.

“And you’re last Anton,” Ron remarked.

Anton pulled a black key from around his neck and turned it in the lock. The stone separated like monstrous jaws, hungry to consume anyone willing to enter.

Ron lit a cigarette and inhaled. “Cools… I just love Cools, the minty flavor and soothing smoke.” He dropped his expended cigarette into the oil torch near the door and the cavern expanded with light.

To be continued…


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