You know, I don’t know how to be with other people

people say I’m good with other people

and there are the people who say, “you don’t like me.”

I feel like saying, “it’s nothing personal. it’s nothing that you did.”

but that just wouldn’t be true.

people take offense that I don’t like them. It’s not a proactive dislike

more so, reactive

and I wish I could like most people

life is better when you can

I suspect it is similar to being on some kind of drug

the walls are white and listless

but you stare at them, anyway, all day, with appreciation

these are the best kinds of people

dull, and they think you are dull, so they leave you alone

but then there are those who complain and attack and cross lines

a continuous drama without a deeper meaning

these are the ones I really dislike

or there are the people who tell you about their assumptions

their biases label you, to your face, and they are wrong

and the only person they know is themselves

or at least they think so

in their limited world, where they need control.

Have you ever noticed

where there are no people

the air is peaceful?

the woods

the night, at midnight

the ocean, that might drown you.

people want to be alone

not because they enjoy loneliness

but because, they enjoy themselves

not out of self-love, but out of communion

Some, have learned to live with others

they lubricate conflict and control their thoughts,

always saying the right thing, at the right time

with no apparent strain

I admire these people, but for me, it would be a wasted life.

A few people, give more than they take

they don’t need as much as the rest of us

perhaps they are content

to just be themselves

the world doesn’t see them

but the world isn’t peaceful

it’s nice to know, you aren’t alone, in their company

especially when, the other people, constantly remind you

“you’re crazy.”

And they think their words give them power

but it only puts more distance between them and me

they think they know what we want, their approval

but we are past that now

me, myself, and a few good friends

I look at the people who think they know each other

and they have no clue

“We have empathy,” they say. But they don’t even know themselves

the angry mob, misunderstands, until there is war

“I’m offended,” they say. Back and forth.

Communication is so much more than words

you have to have something to say

Personal Truth

and if you simply spout what others have told you

you increase the noise

in a noisy world.

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