a listlessness

a serenity

not needing to do anything

feeling pretty good

not drinking

not eating


hardwired lives, running the distance of roads

while I stare at a blank ceiling

I’m preparing

for what others have to do

their shuffle and stress

until the music stops

crossing out lists

until they’re crossed out, themselves

if you wake up in the morning

without a purpose

you can busy yourself with the day

or you can ask it…


And if it doesn’t answer back

don’t do anything

don’t listen to the mob that tells you

you need to

that’s a recipe for meaninglessness

Survival counts

and responsibility too

but if these are taken care of

don’t force it

let it speak to you

if it remains silent

you remain silent

like friends that won’t talk to each other

this game of chicken must be played

and never be the first to flinch.

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