As evening fades

the natural light

goes out

the sky is wet

washing away

the day

a story reminds me

I am not alone

it’s a warm blanket

on a cold night

riding past a still lake

where country lights

reflect windswept waters

I sense how quiet it is

nearby rustling leaves

in stark contrast

to still trees

poking into the sky like spears

a wall of spears

separating a tunnel of clouds

the only light in the sky

as I ride on invisible ground

towards my lonely home

a book and a light


through the evening



Stories that hug me and love me

written into existence

by a crackling fire

this one gives me hope

showing the way

a writer writes to know he is not alone

a reader does the same

anything else is dirt

the treasure hunter must dig through

searching for something that cannot be seen

between the pages

in the mind

through the night

into the day

and the day is brighter

because of it.


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