Near the stormy sea

I look through moss covered trees

through gentle mist and subtle fog

listening to the rain

washing away my footprints.

Is it cowardice to love the land?

to avoid orders

and refuse to give them

ships need masters and crews too

while I float alone

in my lonely canoe.

It is paradise without pain

barely disrupting crater lake

shielded by shadowy mountains

where fire formed

this island of my mind


except by me

marooned by choice

ambitious to the last

surviving between worlds

to make life livable

just for me.

Can greatness occur in isolation?

where thoughts abound in space

where stars reflect infinite freedom


hidden from men

while I wait

What makes me strong?

What makes me right?

this island is growing into a continent now

it won’t be hidden for long

So, I’ll stoke my fire

and defend against invaders

this island of mind

vanishes and reappears

those who find it

will never leave

it was meant for one

but it might take two or three.


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