A man needs a religion

and if not a belief in god

a belief in something

that speaks to him or that he can speak to

You see, there are many things that wish to become his god

and if he does not choose what rules over him

things he doesn’t know

or cannot place his finger on

will begin to twist him

making him feel unnatural

and the unnatural man is dangerous

at best, he learns to numb his confusion

at work

with the little jobs people force him to do

and he gets through his days

on little bits of hope

like birdseed


those who give him orders

are worse off

and even more dangerous

they will never wake up

and to disturb their sleep

is to upset someone who lives in a nightmare

they have been taught a morality

that is not moral

pray they don’t wake up

and go about your business

in a sleeping world.


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