the potential inside of you

is waiting to be discovered

and despite societal messages

no one can help you find it

it waits

like Aztec gold

patiently hidden

under an altar of human sacrifice

like love

before two people meet

like the morning

before the sun gets too high

potential is not wanting to do anything

and then wanting to do it

it’s the big ideas

inside your tiny head

or the abandonment of past lives

for an empty room

Not many find potential

or plunder it

because it’s irresponsible

and does not follow pre-written timelines

it does not use wealth formulas

and is not understood in textbooks

Sometimes, it requires a toothbrush

to gently massage false motivations

or a jackhammer

to break ground

that has never been broken


Potential is discovered

after self-doubt

after everyone

you know

does not believe

it is the subtle sound of silence

in a noisy world.

2 thoughts on “Potential

  1. We all have the potentials, but, not all of us, are willing, to, go through the trials of fire we must weather, for us, to reach these, fulless, potentials, that, we are, capable of, reach8ng, in out lives…

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