Now I Know

why people don’t adopt

strange philosophies.

Ideas don’t exist


in the head

they take hold

and won’t leave

and Naturally,

we want to share what we think with others

but our thoughts have strayed so far away

people can’t understand

and they don’t want to understand


is too dangerous.

If they listen at all

it’s to affirm they are right

or to gain

some unusual amusement

Doing things differently

causes us to stray

and Soon,

we can’t hold a conversation

without being strange

or Maybe,

we don’t want to

Talking points

give us manufactured emotions

And where we are supposed to go

is not where we want to go


We are written off


and we seek those

who are similar to us

People on the outside

but they don’t understand

our ambition

our drive

our desire

for something greater

and Perhaps, they mumble about drugs

or government abductions

or ask us for money

I feel sorry for the world

because it can’t understand itself

Everyone has become the same

they are so angry

because they are all

so different.


2 thoughts on “The Forgotten

  1. It’s sometimes, hard to, connect to and with, others around us, sharing our ideals with others we encounter in our lives, but, we feel compelled to, because that’s, how we are, humans, we work our hardest, to connect, with those in our, external environment, we reach out to each other…

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