Society has so many fears, boxing them in with rules and similar ways of being. They fear anything that differs from their own. It is sad to sum up other lives with simple mathematics or to cancel them out as unworthy of even doing math.

How many of us have actually seen the stranger for who they are, without our goodness attached to it?

Oh yes, heed wisdom; read the sages and the words passed down through the centuries. Your life will be better for it and you will cease to build up the flesh into strongholds that must be conquered. How many of us get invited into our neighbor’s house to share our stories with them? Too many lives are offensive and judged not to be in alignment with correct ways of living. Our neighbor has straitened his life beyond blemish and he fears for those who are shaky; they are not under his control.

If we remove ourselves from society, from the mechanisms of exchange, and we spend time near things that seldom change, we begin to see our value.

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