Every man that I know

is weaker than the first

these beta men

are tired of pretending

but the alpha

never needs to pretend

this is a universal truth

when understanding power

women can sense when a man is faking

I don’t want to pretend

I want to make it real

so my actions can’t be denied

so my heart can’t be questioned

why? why would I retain?

if not for love, then what?


Yes; most definitely. Respect.

I want freedom; and this includes freedom from addictions

of all kinds

to know the truth

is not enough

it must be practiced

put into action

it must be reaffirmed

every day

I remember when I was writing in the mornings

just writing words to myself

that had no meaning


does not matter

unless it is accompanied by great success

now, I’m stumbling around in the dark

wishing for things I don’t have

not sure how to get them

not even wanting them

magic eludes most men

it’s not even that I want what magic brings

it’s that I just want magic

if we indulge

we lose it


will increase it

all things

want control

so, how do I remain free?

this obsession

has been following me

Only Power

the cultivation of power

will take me

where I want to be.

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