Not all feelings are created equal

and when we’ve felt one long enough

sometimes we wish for its opposite

I can’t go on feeling happy forever

soon, I want to feel sad

boredom gives way to most of my feelings

and I long for excitement, adventure, and new faces

the prospect of failure is better

than crushing monotony

these feelings come and go

in the same way that fickle fortune favors us

many would love to be cursed by good luck

but if life made their lives easy

it could drive them insane

no challenges

no effort

no will


desire is absent

when everything is gained

no hope

when we hold the world in our hands

There is a feeling, I feel, trumps all others

it is better than luck

higher than love

nobler than sacrifice

it comes and it goes

believe me

it goes

it doesn’t stick around for very long

I felt is yesterday

for one hour

trust me… I wouldn’t trade it for a Ferrari

its more freeing

than hiking in the woods

across mountainous countryside

Strangely, I’m not sure how it comes about

I wish I could bottle it

like a drug

gulping it down

at the appropriate time

it has no opposite

it stands alone

it magnifies pleasure

expanding clarity

offering sophistication and style

going to the grocery store becomes an art

sipping dark coffee

I become a connoisseur

problems laugh at me and I laugh back

the universe tangles me

and I play twister

like god, himself

I’m weak

not in control

and this feeling alights on me

like an angel

allowing, effortless appreciation

for shiny golf clubs

the perfect shot

sweet sounds

walking across greens of heaven

pouring another glass

enjoying another round

spending time with friends


or flesh and blood

I know this feeling

gets tired of me

but while it lingers

like a floating leaf

I enjoy its coloring

like autumn

before winter

and I taste,


and worship

this wonderful feeling.

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