There are many lives we can choose

to know a path and to not know it

through green forest and red sun

down winding mountains

where billions never walk

to leave the balance sheet

where it belongs

and go where things don’t add up

where time vanishes

and the world keeps working

And all those petty frustrations

have no meaning

We are told

not to waste time

on adventures without goals

and the cities

march with suits

becoming old

tossed out

for brand-new


on a rack

sucking dust

in a store

never visited

that won’t be me

I breathe fresh air and explore watery shoals

leading into faith

where mankind has not paved the way

with its concrete consternation

I move into belief

like the current of a stream

taken by a force

not advertised



comes from a place


are unwilling to go

it cannot be given

or taken

only found

on the never trail.

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