The longest year of my life was 9th grade.

Anything was possible, and I didn’t need to try.

I led three guys; it wasn’t so much that I was their leader; it was more like, they followed me

Somehow, I knew time didn’t matter; like I wasn’t ripe yet, and I was just watching things happen

This feeling followed me through high school and college

In the side room of the snack shack, my friends ogled girls

“Don’t you want some of that?” They asked.

It’s not my time yet,” I said.

and they wanted to squeeze everything out of high school

“How long are we going to be sitting back here?”

“As long as it takes.”

Waiting is pleasant, until more time passes

but I was never desperate

I decided

things happen

the way they are supposed to

I’ve been in strange places

locals that didn’t feel right

but I never stayed long

other places

were perfect


I waited there


in my memory.

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