This is where I get off

I won’t become what the world wants me to be

What’s safe,

is gone

2 AM silence

speaks to me

like darkness before the dawn

before the man becomes a man

and everything I am

is forgotten.

I pursue things I can’t see

and fall in love

with ethereal air

Society labels me

and I just don’t care

I won’t live

where I belong

I won’t do

for the greater good

I walk alone

into the wild

of my heart


shifting passions there





like uncharted wilderness

god help me

I’ll walk out

into the wide-open world


I prefer the ocean deep

where waves whisper

to me

so distant

until a word

compels my body

breaking through the surface

to my salvation sky


6 thoughts on “Salvation Sky

  1. We all carry the expectations of who and what we are by the society, until we realize, slowly, and through experience, that all we need to answer to is, our selves, then, everything falls, into, it’s, rightful, places.

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