It’s funny,

as time goes by, and I spend more time alone, sometimes I think I’m missing something.

But when I spend time with someone who says, “You’re missing something.” And I hear the shakiness in their voice and their lack of reassurance,

it gives me more confidence.

I guess we all think we have the truth.

When I accepted the world at face value, I was depressed and angry. I didn’t know what to think.

In time… I learned to trust myself,

in the same way, many trust in things,

but usually, the masses trust the external and neglect the internal.

The self is always changing if we are lucky.

It feels good to let it and maybe this is the greatest fault we have.

We tend to believe things that make us feel happy

and we avoid things that make us feel sad.

It can’t be helped.

The alternative is too terrible to imagine.

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