is riding your bicycle

through the woods

under falling

maple leaves.

I struggle to hold onto it

even though

it’s easy

to hold on to.

It doesn’t make demands

or offer conditions

It’s always inviting,

wanting to be pursued.

You can start any time

at 2 or 92.

If you follow it

it will reward you.

Your best moments

are pure.

Love of the road

without a destination

Punching keys with delight and fire

Making independent decisions.

It’s funny

You will struggle to get what you want

in life

but other things

will come to you


offering different avenues


Because they were pure

You didn’t need to read that poem to anyone

or ask permission

You had no one else’s approval

but your own

These seemingly small random acts

become larger

until we control and constrain them

damming the river

to hell.

Here is one last bit of advice…

stick around in life

try new things

You will be surprised

when plans don’t work out

and spontaneity

offers something better

a light bulb

a cure

a passion

for purity.

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