When people look at you with angry eyes

and they laugh to avoid listening

Reflection is your best recourse

Power needs attention to grow

So, you can’t fight it.

There is a tipping point

for all of us

When we fall off the side of the world

and descend into madness

or something else.

It takes great effort

to jump

and no effort

to fall.

When you do

you are free, in free fall

There is one game, with rules

Some people cheat and others don’t want to play

but most will tell you…

“You don’t have a choice.”

Society forces a relationship

An employer needs workers

A gas station fills cars

And teachers want students

to listen

but, it is better to be self-taught

Walk where you need to go

and live on every breath


from stifling conversations

and Closter phobic conforming


Words can save you

and ideas will move you

You can defy gravity

those people who want to pull you down

So, if you get pushed out

realize what is happening

Opposing forces can’t occupy the same space

freedom floats

We fall around the world

breathing inspiration

We are the stars


to the slaves of the game.

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