As kids

we pretend to be superheroes

and when we get older

we pretend to be ordinary


Who told us to act that way?

It might have been parents, teachers, and bosses

They pretend so much

they don’t know who they are

but they think they do

and that’s all that matters

We have to become things

in life

Education and Work

mold us

into necessary actors

and the script

doesn’t serve us

It was written by people

without imagination

who hate the individual,

condemning unscripted footsteps.

If you can survive

without direction

you can pretend to be anybody

and the more often you act a certain way

you become what you want to be

We never are anything

We only pretend to be

So, why not pretend


Sluff off the poisonous skin

of mediocrity

and become

your superhero.


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